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Whether you’re looking for affordable or high-quality aluminum or stainless steel cookware for your market, So-Well Cookware has all your cookware needs under one roof!

Wide Range of Featured Cookware

Check out our robust collection of finely crafted cookware that is fully customized to suit your unique branding and target audience.

Committed to Good Aluminum Cookware

As a professional aluminum cookware manufacturer in China, So-Well understands the value of aluminum cookware as the best cookware in fast and healthy meal preparation. That is why we ensure all our product offerings meet international quality standards for production, with our efforts translating to positive reception in different markets across the globe.

Why Aluminum Cookware

So-Well's Cookware

Born for Perform, Built to Last

Each cookware we produce is specifically designed to perform and to last long, even in the busiest kitchens. We place great value in quality manufacturing, as we have been doing for decades.

Non Stick

Superior PFOA-free coating performs better and longer than other commercial nonstick coatings.

Non Toxic

Free of PFOA and other toxic chemicals means they’re safe and reliable to use.

Cooktop Compatible

Our flexible cookware is usable with gas, ceramic, induction, or electric cooktops.

Ergonomics Design

Merging form and function, our aluminum cookware boasts an ergonomic design for comfortable cooking.

Even Heat Distribution

Great heat conductivity and even heat distribution ensure meals are cooked properly.

Unlimited Options for Your Specific Needs

To help make your aluminum cookware stand out in this competitive market, we offer an extensive range of customization options, from material to packaging. Back with over 10 years of experience in the industry, our team of experts specializes in bringing your dream cookware design into reality.








Uncompromising Quality Control

Where Excellence Derives from

So-Well is driven to elevate your brand by providing you and your market with exceptional aluminum cookware made with our team’s keen eye for detail.

High-Grade Materials
we select only the quality raw materials

Made from the Best

Drawing on the best materials and coating, we only use food-grade 3003 aluminum, EN601 and T-304 stainless steel in our cookware, which is favored for its heat conductivity, corrosion resistance, and food safety.

Rigorous Testing
finished cookware is subjected to rigorous quality test

Test for the Superb Cookwares

Employing a comprehensive quality management system from production to in-house testing, we strictly adhere to EN 12983 standards in our manufacturing process to guarantee optimized performance and long-term use.

Export Compliance
hassle-free export trade

Target for Larger Markets

Helping expand your market reach, our  aluminum cookware offerings are specifically designed and manufactured to comply with international market regulations, making it easier to export to your target markets.

Not Your Average Cookware Factory

With five fully-equipped workshops and capable of producing 150,000 cookware monthly, our highly qualified facility takes care of all of your cookware needs. 

Self-tooling Workshop

In-house design and tooling capabilities turn your ideas into tangible and marketable cookware.

Complete Production line

Integrated production line fulfills various steps of the production at once, streamlining manufacturing.

Professional Testing Lab

We use a state-of-the-art testing facility to maintain the quality of our aluminum and stainless steel cookware.

Decades of Fabrication

Years of experience in the industry ensures that we understand your diverse market needs.

Why So-Well is Your Premier Choice

Working with So-Well not only guarantees high-quality cookware made to your specifications but also secures a reliable partner in your brand’s success.

icon excellent

5% Lower Factory Prices

The combination of a strong supply chain and in-house manufacturing process lowers the production costs from beginning to end by at least 5% compared to our peers.

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10 Years of Experience

Our years of manufacturing experience and extensive knowledge in exportation rules offer a professional and real-time solution to your product needs.

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99% Customer Satisfaction

Listening to our client’s needs and customizing our products to match market demands allow us to satisfy our partners and their customers by as much as 99%.

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1% Product Defect Rate

Keen eye to detail and exceptional production capabilities keep our product defect rate at an all-time low of 1%, which means we can help you seize larger market share.


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