Honing our manufacturing expertise to its finest allows So-Well Cookware to deliver exceptional aluminum cookware for your brand.

Lean Manufacturing Shapes Impeccable Cookware

Driven by 10 years of manufacturing experience and in-depth technical skills, our team of experts utilizes the latest technology to create amazing cookware.

Whether working on a minimum quantity order or a large-volume order, our standardized production process guarantees high-quality output at short lead times.

Multiple Fabrications Under One-roof

With multiple in-house fabrication workshops at our disposal, we can meet various fabrication needs based on your specific cookware demands.

Ideal for producing stainless steel and pressed aluminum cookware, our cold pressing workshop forms the required shapes using high speed and pressure, increasing the tensile strength, hardness, and overall performance of the metal.
Through forging high-grade aluminum material into quality cookware via our state-of-the-art forging workshop, we improve the inherent characteristics of aluminum for better heat distribution and durability.
While casting aluminum could be tricky for most facilities, our tenured workers have decades of experience creating cast aluminum cookware, creating perfectly-formed cookware for your brand.

Our Process at a Glance

So-Well Cookware applies a streamlined approach in making aluminum cookware, honed by years of experience and tried-and-true techniques.

workers conduct cold forming for press aluminum cookware


Metal blank is placed into the press machine that mechanically punches the shape of the cookware. With our precision-forming tools, we ensure the correct shape and finish every time.

403 stainless steel film is firmly pressed at the bottom of the cookware

Bottom Bonding

Using the 2500T pressing machine, the 430 stainless steel plate is firmly pressed at the bottom of the cookware, securing the stainless steel layer on the cookware.

cookware Grease Cleaning

Grease Cleaning

Oil is removed from the metal surface, along with pretreatment steps for the sanding phase. This step ensures that the nonstick coating adheres completely to the cookware.

cookware sandblasting


Rough cookware’s surface through the use of modern sandblasting equipment for further interior non-stick coating applying.

nonstick coating


Working with a variety of coating materials from trusted brands, proper temperature and time are controlled to guarantee the optimal adhesion of the coating to the cookware’s interior and exterior.

we trim the sides and bottom of the cookware using  professional lathe


To enhance the beauty and guarantee the safety of the cookware, we trim the sides and bottom of the cookware using  professional lathe.

workers assembly and pack aluminum cookware

Assembly & Packing

Completing the aluminum cookware manufacturing process is the assembly of the cookware in corresponding packaging, including the handles, lids, knob, and other accessories needed for the package.

Testing & Packaging

Before our aluminum cookware leaves our warehouse, they are subjected to a series of inspections and testing to guarantee that they match our strict quality standards. After inspection, all parts are packed in durable packaging  to ensure safe arrival to the destination.

packaging workshop

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