Quality Control

Placing great value on the quality of our cookware, we employ strict quality control standards throughout our production process for consistent output.

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Built Above European Quality

Quality testing is conducted following established international guidelines, ensuring our aluminum cookware reaches your target audience wherever they are.


We also partner with third-party inspection facilities to continuously improve our standards and produce better aluminum cookware for your brand and your customers.

Quality Can be Seen Throughout Production

By maintaining strict quality control standards from receiving materials to completion and packaging, we ensure the consistency and reliability of our aluminum cookware.

Raw Material Inspection

Processing Inspection

Performance Testings

Final Inspection

Outstanding Materials Make You Stand Out

Choosing to work with the best raw materials guarantees the superior quality and optimal performance our aluminum cookware is known for.

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Aluminum Sheet

High-grade EN601 and 3003 aluminum sheets are sourced from reliable material suppliers, with thorough inspection conducted to check for inconsistencies.

Stainless Steel Sheet

We use premium 430 stainless steel for our cookware, carefully reviewed to make sure size and thickness meet our requirements.

Nonstick Coating

Only world-class nonstick coating like ILAG, WHITFORD, DuPont, WEILBURG, PFLUON, DYFLON, JIHUA, and more are used in our cookware.


All materials are thoroughly checked before use, ensuring that they meet our high production requirements.

Packing Materials

Packaging material and design must be consistent with the specifications provided by the client.

Processing Inspection & Performance Testings

The aluminum cookware goes through a series of tests during the production process, resulting in consistent products from start to finish.

Meticulous Final Inspection

After manufacturing, our aluminum cookware sees a final inspection with our auditors, where each part is scrutinized based on our high-quality guidelines.


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