From applying a specific design to implementing additional features to your cookware, we take your unique concepts and translate them into marketable cookware.

Unlimited Designs, Endless Possibilities

Whether you have an existing design to apply or wanting to create a new line of cookware for your brand, our experts are ready to turn your vision into reality.


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Browse our website for eye-catching and practical designs you can use for your current project. Variety of available moulds for quick and easy customization.


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Have your ideas? Send us a copy of your design and our team can faithfully recreate them or improve on them per your request.


With So-Well's Help

Need help creating a new cookware design? Let our experts provide you with valuable recommendations to bring your ideas to life.

Design, Develop, and Manufacture with Ease

We make the manufacturing process smooth and simple, so you can focus on what you do best – selling cookware and making a profit.

Through constant communication via our multiple channels, we can achieve an efficient turnkey OEM and ODM design that specifically meets your brand’s business goals.

The feasibility of your cookware design is carefully evaluated by our specialists, using our robust product knowledge and experience to determine how to effectively implement your design.

In-house molding workshop guarantees a quick and precise tooling process, allowing for quick tooling within 30 days.

To maximize the potential of your cookware project, samples are sent to you for checking, with your adjustment requests done immediately before production.

Thanks to our integrated production line and precision manufacturing tools, we complete large-scale orders for custom cookware within required lead time.

Partnering with trusted logistics companies in the industry, we cater to multiple shipping methods and assist in handling paperwork for international shipping.

A Range of Options Conveyed to You

So-Well Cookware offers a comprehensive range of custom options to assist you in creating the perfect cookware for your brand.

we offer materials customization services


Choose from our selection of premium and food-grade materials, including cast aluminum, forged aluminum, pressed aluminum and stainless steel. All materials go through a rigorous inspection to guarantee top-notch quality and are sourced from the best material suppliers. 

We offer various logo customization methods


Own your cookware by stamping your brand name or logo on the product’s surface. We offer various methods in applying your brand to the cookware based on your requirements.

we offer hardware customization services


The cookware’s handle, lid, and hardware are fully customizable, allowing for creativity to flow in the entire product line as the accessories complement the overall design.

we offer dimension customization services


Whether you prefer smaller saucepans with thick walls or wide skillets with a thick bottom, our cookware’s dimensions are adjustable to suit your needs.

we provide our customers with professional solutions


We use premium PFOA-free nonstick coating sourced from the trusted brands such as ILAG, WHITFORD, WEILBURG, PFLUON and more in the market on the cookware’s surface to make meal preparation easier and healthier. The layers of coating can be customized as per your needs.

we offer customizable packaging


In line with our use of premium material for our cookware, our customizable packaging is made from high-quality materials that withstand harsh weather conditions.

Our Customization Philosophy

At So-Well Cookware, we commit to a simple yet straightforward philosophy when it comes to our customization process that is evident in each product we make.

frying pan with ergonomic design

Ergonomics Brings Comfort

Caring about the cooking experience of the end customer, we utilize ergonomic designs in creating the handle, cover, and edges of our aluminum cookware.

Less Outweights More

Taking advantage of aluminum’s natural features, our cookware designs are practical and durable, taking the pressure off meal preparation and turning them into enjoyable experiences.

Less Outweights More
worker inspects our nonstick coating

Safety Comes First

Safety is at the top priority of our production philosophy. As such, we use only food-grade materials and coatings that are guaranteed PFOA-free and of premium quality.

Take a Look at Our Previous Designs

Be inspired by our existing cookware designs and see how we implement practicality and elegance in each product.


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